2017 has been a great year for gaming with the release of titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Prey, Destiny 2 and Middle earth Shadow of Mordor. We also have the release of Assassin's Creed Origins and Call of Duty WW2 to look forward to.
In this article we will be covering the best items for the job of delivering a great gaming experience in 4k for all games that run in it.

Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is said to be the most powerful console yet and arrives on november 7th 2017. Why go with this instead of the cheaper PS4 Pro ? Well on paper it's more powerful and can run games a lot better. This console comes with Tb of storage , 12gb GDDR5 of ram and can run games in 4k. It also comes with the Scorpio engine with 6 triceratops and 326 gb/s of memory bandwidth. To stop all of this from overheating it uses the high grade liquid cooling Vapour Engine and a Centrifugal fan that runs quietly and helps to cool the console down. You are also able to save power as it uses the Hovis method which means you won't be burning through electricity. A Lot of games will be getting enhanced on the Xbox One X so this means you can experience beautiful open world games like the Witcher 3 in even better quality.You could always still get the PS4 pro as they do have some pretty good exclusives but we recommend the Xbox One X due to the performance of the console. Also we know there are people out there who prefer PC gaming but it can be a bit expensive to build a decent PC that runs 4k games so we decided to go with a console instead.

LG 43UJ701V 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV

The reason we went with this TV is that it's best for the money and comes with the features required for getting the best picture when gaming. It has a high dynamic range which enhances every colour and an IPS 4k display which looks spectacular from whatever angle you're viewing the TV at this is great for those situations when you have a few friends round but not enough space for everyone to see the TV head on as they will still be able to view in great quality. It also has a 42 inch screen which is the perfect size for a gaming setup as it's not too big but you can still sit at a comfortable distance without having to be too close to it. We would also recommend making sure you have a decent HDMI cable to make sure the quality of the picture stays as good as possible for that we recommend the S1HDM315 HDMI Cable which is a meter long so it means it can stretch as far as you need it to if you have your TV on the wall. You can get a bundle for this on the curry’s website for just £478.99 and you can also get great discounts if you click here